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EP-708 Epoxy Primer

Genteel Coatings EP-708 Epoxy Primer is a fast dry, fast curing epoxy with excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion. This epoxy can be used on all properly prepared metals and some plastics. EP-708 Epoxy Primer can be directly topcoated, wet-on-wet with any topcoat system in 45-60 minutes @ 72°F (22.2°C). This 1:1 mix epoxy uses EP-781 activator.

SE-678 Epoxy Primer

SE-678 is a two-component sanding epoxy primer/sealer; this 100% epoxy primer is a 4:1 mixing ratio with good film build and exceptional anti-corrosion properties for DTM applications. It has exceptional adhesion to properly sanded and cleaned bare metals, including aluminum. As a sealer SE-678 levels to a nearly texture-free surface with excellent gloss holdout. It can be sanded, when needed. SE-678 is V.O.C. compliant in North America at 2.1 V.O.C. Mix 4:1 with SE-679 ACTIVATOR 2.1 VOC's

FS-4100 2K High Build Primer

A two-component urethane primer, designed for exceptionally high build with direct-to-metal properties. 2K Primer is great sanding, wet or dry after short dry times. Genteel Coatings FS-4100 primer mixes 4:1 with FS-4111 activator. Mixed 4:1:1 FS-4100 Primer can be used as a multiple panel sealer and provides minimal shrinkage and the maximum in color holdout properties.

GC-747 1K Acrylic Sealer

GC-747 1K Acrylic Sealer is a ready-to-spray, one component sealer that can be applied to previously coated substrates to provide uniform color. This sealer has excellent adhesion and color hold-out. GC-747 provides an extremely smooth surface and is highly resistant to lifting of undercoats. Can be used wet-on-wet application (requires sanding if dried overnight). Unused product can be poured back into the can.

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