“We have been using Genteel Coatings on all of our equipment for close to 10 years now and couldn’t be happier. They provide a quality paint which is needed in the construction industry. Their service is also next to none, if a problem ever arises they are here the following day to assess the problem and provide help in the matter. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Genteel Coatings for years to come.”

J Dixon
Vice President

“What does EXCEPTIONAL customer service, top of the line paint and prompt reordering of supplies mean to me? EVERYTHING!!!!
For over 20 years, I have been ordering airbrush supplies for Glaspro, Inc. makers of Phase 5 Wakesurfers and Zap Skimboards. From the start, since ordering from Genteel in 2016, our boards got more vibrate and the designs POPPED. And it’s all happening because of Genteel Coatings knowledge of their quality products and their one on one training with the guys on spraying and creative painting techniques.”

Glaspro, Inc.
Zap Skimboard Co
Phase 5 Wakesurfers

“We manufacture mud pumps and skid packages for oil and underground drilling equipment.
Our equipment is built to withstand the most rigorous of environments and is known for its longevity. We demand a coating that is just as durable as our equipment. We have been using Genteel Coatings paint since 2008 and have never had a single rust or corrosion complaint from our customers.
We have been very pleased with not only the product, but their service and their willingness to help recommend the best coating for our needs.”

Leilani Ortiz
Vice President

“As the world’s largest manufacturer of tunnel carwash equipment and parts, the durability and customer-facing quality of our products is paramount. Genteel Coatings has provided us with everything we need to be a world class manufacturer of painted products, from the coatings themselves to the technical expertise we need to maintain compliance to federal, state, and local regulations. Additionally, they support our extensive custom equipment business with extremely fast turnarounds on custom paint colors. Perhaps most importantly, we have not received a single complaint about rusting equipment since we switched to Genteel Coatings over three years ago. I have recommended their products and services to other South Florida manufacturers without hesitation on multiple occasions.​”


Testimonial for 5500 Express Clear

Chips Away Seattle

We have been using Genteel Coatings Clears trouble free for over 10 years, 5500 Express is the easiest clear we’ve ever tried. Wait only 30 seconds for second coat. I know it sounds way to fast but there is no need to wait, 30-40 minutes to buff, truly a super-fast production clear with excellent gloss retention and no dye back. We use it for bumper repair and blending into adjacent panels.


Roger Stull