All Genteel Coatings Additives are Universal and Will Work in Most Solvent Paint Systems

1275 Urethane Retarder with Pot-Life extender

Genteel Coatings 1275 Urethane Retarder is designed to retard the evaporation rate of two-component products in hot/humid environments or to be used to increase flow and leveling in high air movement spray booths (especially when using a force dry cycle). It is a more effective retarder/flow agent than conventional retarders and generally only half as much is required. it minimizes gloss dieback and shrinkage typical of conventional retarders. 1275 Retarder also has an added Pot-Life extender for longer pot-life when using larger volumes of material. 1275 Retarder can be used in all Urethane Primers, Topcoat and Clear.

1277 Accelerator

1277 Universal Urethane Accelerator was designed to reduce the cure rate of urethane paints, primers, and clearcoats conditions. when used properly 1277, will dramatically shorten sanding, buffing and delivery times in cold weather also will usually speed the tape time to approximately 2-3 hours at 75ºF (24ºC). Do not use for overall base colors, epoxy primers, metallic paint, or in high temperature or high humidity conditions.

- 1277 Plus Accelerator will speed the through curing of urethane primers, topcoat and clear coats, significantly reducing baking times - offering increased throughput and energy-saving in the workshop.
- Increase ouput & profits
- Speeds up unmasking and overpainting when mixed with 2K hardeners
- Two component Super accelerator for Urethane Topcoats, Clear and primer
- Can be used with HS or MS products for air drying or baking
- Will extend pot life for more work time with less waiting time
- 250 ml and 500ml bottle available

NOTE: Using the Urethane Accelerator incorrectly may result with slightly less gloss development in some colors and a minor reduction in film hardness. All other performance characteristics of the coating are not affected

3-D Galaxy Luminance

3-D Galaxy Luminance are dry powder form that may be added to basecoats, to ground coats for midcoats, to color blenders or Clearcoats. The 3-D Galaxy Luminance will give your custom finish that extra appeal with extra sparkling in your finish in various colors and will allow your finish to stick out. The sparkle effect ranges from vivid to subtle depending upon the color of the substrate. Medium to dark substrates provide significant sparkle effects while light substrates produce a barely visible effect except at extreme flip and flop angles. Some 3-D Galaxy Luminance are only visible in direct sunlight.